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Craft CMS

Since Craft CMS was launched in 2013, it's been rapidly adopted by web developers who previously only worked with systems such as Wordpress, Joomla and ExpressionEngine. As web designers, we feel that Craft's appeal comes from it's ease of use, application versatility and it's complete lack of design restrictions. This makes it the perfect platform for designing simple one-page websites through to large, multi-faceted member sites.

Over the time we've worked with Craft, we've been impressed by it's reliability, the rich number of "out of the box" features it has to offer and the way our clients have been able to learn how to use it with virtually no training. Part of this has to be due to how quick and easy Craft makes it to customise the CMS for our clients.

Providing a full feature overview of Craft is virtually impossible but below we've outlined some of the standout features many people would be interested in. However, the Craft CMS website is also a great place to visit to get a deeper understanding of what this software is capable of and whether it's the right tool for your next web project.