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Digital Agency Adelaide

Blis is an Adelaide web design & digital agency that offers web design, digital marketing and SEO services

Customer Service

A dedicated team of digital experts

When you work with us, you'll deal directly with the people who'll carry out the project. We value clear communication, being as proactive and transparent as possible.


Digital solutions are our focus

Our team love working with in digital. Whilst the web is still our #1 playground, we've also created interactive touchscreens, QR code voucher systems and even digital interfaces for use on television programmes like the Amazing Race.


Solutions you can rely on

When it comes to building a website, we only use quality hosting providers, premium CMS software, a proven development processes and high level support solutions. The end result is a website you can rely on.

Trusted & Reliable

Long term client relationships

Our success comes from developing long term relationships with our client's who trust us to help them continue to grow their online projects in an ever changing environment.


A talented digital team who makes a big impact

The web design process can be daunting for some and barriers in communication can lead to unwanted delays. This is why we have spent years refining the way in which we work with our clients to help better understand their needs and deliver want they want on time and on budget.

Adelaide Based

Your local Adelaide digital agency

We love technology but when it comes to planning a website, discussing an issue or brainstorming a big idea; there's no replacement for being in the same room.

About Blis Web Agency

Blis Web Agency was founded in May 2006 by Ingrid Bird and Sam Lomax.

When we first started our digital agency, we wanted to help other Adelaide businesses build websites using methods which maintained quality but sped up the development process. This meant we were able to get new websites online faster and at a lower cost.

At the time, there were no tools which allowed us to do this, so we ended up developing our own flat file CMS built on top of PHP and utilising Smarty Templates.

This tool allowed us to rapidly develop websites for our clients by reusing modular components. It also provided our clients with a user friendly way to update their sites which reduced their maintenance costs.

Our success wasn't immediate but once we picked up our first few web design projects, other local Adelaide companies took notice and we quickly grew our portfolio to over 100 websites within a couple of years.

Since this time our business has evolved considerably. The niche we once filled is now flooded by Wordpress developers. In contrast, our services now target businesses who aren't after a fast and cheap way to get online but rather, need to find a company who's expertise is building quality websites which rank well in Google.

This is why we now use the best developers, the best CMS software and the best SEO tools to help Adelaide businesses get serious results from their websites.

Our years of experience has taught us that only by being the strongest in your market will your business thrive. To find that success, you have to work with a team of experts who specialise in delivering these results.

Interested in how our Digital Agency can help your Adelaide business?

Give us a call on (08) 8362 5688