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SEO Questions

How long are your SEO plans?

It takes around 90 days to see meaningful changes to your Google rankings. Given this, we set each of our plans to run for this period.

Do you outsource SEO work overseas?

We know there are a lot of SEO companies in Australia who send all their SEO work offshore.

We're not one of them.

All your work is done locally in our Norwood office by our local Adelaide SEO professionals.

Do you work with other businesses who require the same keywords as my company?

When you sign up to an SEO plan with us, you'll know that we won't be doing SEO work for any other business that you are in direct competition with.

This is because we only do one SEO plan per industry.

To learn more about our industry exclusive SEO plans, just give us a call 08 8362 5688.

I want some help with SEO but I don't want to sign up to a plan. Can you still assist?

Yes, it sounds like you just want an SEO Audit.

This will give you the information you need to understand the most important things that need to be addressed with your website to help improve it's rankings.

Keep in mind though, ranking well in Google isn't easy. There are SEO professionals like us who are constantly working to help ensure our clients achieve the highest ranking possible.

This means ranking well in Google isn't just about fixing your own SEO problems. It's also about understanding how to outrank your competitors and unfortunately, the only way to do that is with an SEO plan.

Do I really need an SEO company? Can't I just install Yoast or another SEO plugin?

SEO tools like Yoast for Wordpress are great. However, all they really do is help make sure your website is meeting the minimum requirements.

What an SEO expert can do for you is help you understand what SEO problems your site might have and help you to fix them.

Furthmore, our SEO professionals don't just stop with your website. They also hunt out SEO problems your competition's website. This allows us to help find ways to make sure your site is stronger in these areas and capable of gaining more ground on your competition.

It's this ability to analyse a website and find competitve advantages which is what really makes a difference to how well a website ranks in Google.

I have a Wordpress website built by someone else, can I still use Blis as my SEO company?


We can work with most websites regardless of whether or not we built the site. When we first talk to you, we'll get a sense of how your website has been setup and what our options are in terms of working with it. From here we'll be able to advise how we can best help you.

Which CMS is the best for SEO?

Google doesn't really care about what CMS is running under your website. It cares about the quality of your website, how efficiently your site works and the density of the keywords on each page of your website.

Unfortunately, some Content Management Systems do things to your website which affect these critical elements.

To help reduce how much your CMS affects your rankings, we offer our client's a unique hosting solution which allows them to keep on working with their favourite CMS software whilst mitigating many of the problems that can arise from these systems.

This can be perfect for companys who have websites which are experiencing a range of SEO problems but aren't in a position to easily fix them.

To learn more about our SEO specialised hosting solutions, just get in touch via our contact page.

Will you send me automated progress reports?

The most important thing to us is that the work we're doing for you is making a positive difference to your business.

This is why we rather have quarterly catch ups with our clients.

These allow us to give you a full performance report as well as hearing from you how these improvements have been helping your business.

How much does an SEO plan cost?

As we tailor all our SEO plans to meet our cient's requirements, it's not possible to quote a fixed price. However, we've found that our pricing tends to be around 20% - 30% cheaper than other leading SEO companies.

If you're after a quick quote, just give us a call (08) 8362 5688. We'll happily provide you with a ballpark cost over the phone.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, there's no obligation to proceed from one quarter to the next.