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SEO Audit

Our SEO experts can help you understand what you need to do to improve your rankings

Why isn't my website ranking in Google?

Achieving great rankings in Google isn't easy. Whilst many businesses can be found by name when searching in Google, achieving page 1 rankings for the same search terms your competitors want is much harder.

If you've found your website isn't ranking as well as you hoped, doing an SEO Audit will give you the information you need to understand why.

How does an SEO Audit work?

Our SEO Audits offer a fast, low cost way to better understand what SEO problems your site might be having.

Step 1: A basic review

When you first call, we'll do a basic site review over the phone. We'll discuss with you what issues you've been having and the outcomes you're after.

Step 2: Performing an audit

Our company's team of SEO experts will then go through your site and look at what problems it has. We'll also look at your competition and get an idea of what they might be doing which is holding your site back from achieving the results company requires.

Step 3: Coffee

Once we have your results, we'll get you to pop into our Adelaide office for a coffee and go over them together. This allows us to actually show you what's going on and why.

No SEO Plan Required

Many of the company's we talk to aren't looking for unreleastic results in Google. They just want to make sure people can find them when they're being searched for by name.

For companies like this, we would never recommend an SEO Plan. If your site has been setup correctly, then you should generally find it quite straight forward to rank well on "branded" searches.

When is an SEO Plan Advised?

If your company is finding it hard to rank for more general search terms (i.e. service or product related keywords) and strong Google rankings are important to you, then an SEO plan will often be your best way forward.

However, our SEO Audit will help you make this decision. If we find that your competition are all using SEO companies like us to help them hold the top spots on the best search terms, you're going to need professional assistance in order to compete effectively.

How do I get started?

We can start right now if you like, just give us a call: (08) 8362 5688

Just ask to talk to Sam about an SEO Audit and he'll help you get things underway.

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