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Website Developer Adelaide

Our web developers can help you achieve amazing results

Whilst our website developers have helped us create all our incredible websites, their skills extend beyond just coding beautiful website designs.

Below we have listed a range of the web development services we provide from improving the performance of your web server through to helping you recover from a website security problem.

If you have a job which needs an expert web developer, please get in touch with our Adelaide design studio and one of our team will be able to help you out.

Server experts

Our website developers have setup web hosting solutions for websites of all sizes. This includes basic web hosting like what we're using on Ken Hall Plumbers, through to high traffic, multi-environment web hosting for projects like the City of Adelaide.

Whilst our expertise in this area is extensive, some of the more common services we provide are:

  • Server migrations
  • CPanel & WHM configurations
  • Database imports and management
  • SSH server management
  • Server performance audits
  • Website hosting & support
  • Server monitoring

When it comes to server technologies, our developers specialise in open-source platforms like Linux machines running Apache or Nginx web servers.

As we don't have our own server infrastructure, we tend to engage companies like Google and Amazon to help us host our websites and get the maximum performance for our clients.

Some of the hosting providers we use include:

Beyond just hosting your website, it's also important to consider how your content will be able to quickly reach your audience.

To help with this, our web developers can put in place a CDN (Content Delivery Network) solution which will make sure your website's content is positioned as close as possible to your target market.

We use a variety of suppliers to help with this including Cloudflare, Amazon Cloudfront and Netlify.

If you have a website which is under performing and you think that it could be helpful to look at changing to a more robust hosting solution, please get in touch with us and we'll have a chat to you about how our web development team might be able to help.

Website security, audits & hack removal

If your website has been hacked and you need help, our website developers are able to assist.

We have considerable expertise in cleaning hacked websites and then helping companies put in place solutions to help reduce their website from incurring further security issues.

Some of the most popular security services we provide includes:

  • Implementation of Web Application Firewalls (WAF)
  • Malware detection and removal
  • Automated malware and vulnerability scans
  • Backup and recovery solutions
  • Website penetration testing (specialising in Wordpress and Joomla websites)
  • Website security audits

If you need help recovering from a website security breach, please get in contact with one of our web developers to help discuss how we can help you recover from the incident.

If your concerned that the security of your website is below what it should be and would like to discuss what your options are, please don't hesitate to contact us for a free security consultation.

Craft CMS & Wordpress plugins

As a lot of the websites we work with support plugins, our website developers have created a range of exclusive CMS plugins for our clients on both Craft CMS and Wordpress.

The nature of these CMS plugins vary but include real estate management software for land development companies, interactive mapping tools, data import plugins and more.

Whilst occasionally we will open-source a plugin and publish it on our Github account, most of our CMS plugins are developed exclusively for our client's use only.

Custom interactive maps

Our website developers have creating customised interactive mapping solutions for a broad range of our clients including the City of Adelaide, UPark, Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, Golden Grove and more.

Some recent examples of these interactive maps include:

An interactive location map for Golden Grove
Example: https://www.goldengrovebendigo...

This interactive map is built using the Google Maps API and helps visitors the to Golden Grove website see all the nearby schools, conveniences and transport options available.

An interactive map to show available car parks in Adelaide

The UPark interactive map provides website visitors with live data about the number of free car parks in each UPark in Adelaide. This was also built using the Google Maps API and includes customised theme to give the map it's own unique appearance.

An interactive masterplan map with integrated land for sale
Example: https://www.goldengrovebendigo...

This interactive map was built using Leaflet and Mapbox. It includes high resolution image overlays which displays all the current land for sale at Golden Grove. The pricing and lot availability can be directly controlled by the website owner and optionally integrated into a CRM.

Lost pubs of Adelaide interactive map
Example: https://explore.cityofadelaide...

This was a project for the City of Adelaide which involved importing data direct from Flickr into this interactive map. This map is also driven by the Google Maps API and makes use of custom markers and balloons to help bring further visual interest to the map.

Web apps

Over the past few years, our website developers have delivered a range of website applications (web apps) which have been used across Australia.

Some of these include:

An interactive tour of the Adelaide Oval
Our web developers were asked to build a stand alone web app for a touchscreen project which was rolled out at Adelaide Oval. The web app was designed to help people learn more about the Adelaide Oval, it's facilities and it's history.

A research project for SAHMRI
The South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) commissed our web developers to help them create an online web application which would be distributed to regional areas across Australia in an effort to better understand ice usage in Aboriginal and Torrens Straight Islander communities. The web app has been developed with SMS capabilities, membership management, a randomisation process for signups and a range of data export tools to analyse the projects findings.

Carnival scoring system for State Swim
State Swim
approached our website development team to help them build a web app for their swimming carnivals. This tool allows their members to sign up for their swimming carnivals, logs the results for each swimmer and keep a score of how each swim school has performed over the course of the day. Parents and friends can keep an eye on the results using their mobile phones and every participate who has signed up will be automatically sent their results for each race via email right after they get out of the pool.

Have you got a web app you need some help with?

Our web developers love to chat about new projects, so if your company has a web application it could use to help collect vital data, improve customer services or just promote the business, please give us a call.