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Web design

Ken Hall Plumbers

Date Spring 2019 ClientKen Hall Plumbers LinkView Website

The Ken Hall website is a great example of a web design which needs to compete in multiple industries.

In the time Blis Web Agency has been working with this website, we've doubled the amount of traffic to the site and have helped the Ken Hall brand expand into the electrical and bathrooms sectors.

The result has been strong page one rankings, low bounce rates at an overall boost to business.

Whilst we're proud of our results, what we love most about this project is that it shows how when SEO experts and web designers work together, you can create websites which both look great, attract lots of traffic and drive new leads.

To learn more about how our SEO company can help you, take a look at our SEO services page.

To find our more about how we managed to build websites that both look great and rank well in Google, visit our web design services page.

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