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Web Design

How our web designer team create web designs which are simple, fast and effective.

A great web design is all about balance

When we first start working on a new web design project, we start by taking a design brief.

This involves our getting the client and our web designers together in our Adelaide office to work out the fundamental requirements of the website design.

Whilst this might sound simple, there are several factors the need to be covered to make sure your new website does everything your business needs it to.


Branding is a critical element for any website. Each company's brand is designed to send clear messages relating to key elements such as quality, cost, experience, confidence, etc.

A new website needs to extend upon this by first understanding the branding requirements and the philosophies behind the brand.

Only once we understand your business and its' brand can we then create a website design which extends upon it.

For some examples of how we've approach brand integration with our other projects, take a look at our some of our Adelaide web designers recent work in our website design portfolio.


"When someone visits your website, what do you want them to learn about first?"

This sounds like an easy question but many business owners struggle to answer it.

When designing your site, it's important for us to know what it is that your want your website visitors to know about.

Do you have the largest range? Is your quality better than other companies? Why is it that someone should get excited about contacting you?

Working out what you need to say and doing so as concisely as possible will help ensure your website design remains focused and on message.

Web design for Mobile

Great web designs need to work seamlessly between mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

However, of these three, mobile users are the most important.

This is because they're the biggest user group (often over 50%) and it takes care and skill to make web designs work well on such a small screen.

When it comes to building websites that work beautifully everywhere, you can't go past our web design team.

How your website will work on a mobile phone will always be front of mind throughout the whole web design process. The end result is a website which can deliver your message or sell your product on all popular web devices.

Ranking well Google

Working with a web designer who doesn't understand Google is like working with a mechanic who can't drive.

The reality is, if you want people to find you online, you need a website which is capable of ranking well in Google.

When you work with our web design team, the design choices we make are heavily influenced by what we know Google wants from a website.

Getting this balance right can be hard but almost all of our clients end up with first page Google results when they employ the design strategies we know work best.

If strong Google rankings are important to you, give us a call and we can help you get started on your way to the top of the rankings.

Works everywhere for everyone

Have you ever been to a website where the font is too small or the heading doesn't contrast with the image it's been placed on?

Imagine if you were colour blind or had severe vision difficulties. These problems would be exacerbated.

At Blis Web Agency our web designers work towards creating websites which work everywhere for everyone.

We do this by following a range of best practices advised by companies such as Google, Mozilla and the W3C.

These guidelines help us ensure that the text we use is sized sensibly and will scale up for those people who need it. It also ensures that the words on your website can be read via screen reading tools and other accessibility devices.

By designing websites which work better for more people, you'll find your business gains more success from your site and your users will enjoy visiting your site more often.

Want to learn more?

To see some examples of our web designer's latest work, visit our web design page.

To learn more about the web design process and what you need to know before designing a new website, take a look at our web design guide.