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2019 in review: Web, Design & SEO

After a great 2018, we started 2019 with more office space and a larger digital team than we've ever had before.

We needed it too as we had to deliver a couple of major projects for some of South Australia's biggest tourist regions.

Latest Web Design Projects

We delivered over twenty web design projects in 2019 and that's not including a web app and a handful of interactive touchscreens. Below are a couple of the biggest jobs we rolled out last year.

City of Adelaide

Services: Web design, CMS, Server Setup & Support


Clare Valley

Services: Web design, CMS, Server Setup & Support


SEO Success Stories

Our web design team did a great job delivering all the work they did last year but we also had some really strong results on the internet marketing side of things too.

Ken Hall Plumbers had double the traffic in 2019

Services: SEO, Web design, CMS, Server Setup & Support

Our Internet Marketing team helped Ken Hall Plumbers double their traffic last year.

Key to this was our SEO and SEM services.

This was achieved despite the website trying to compete in several competitive markets.

These included:

  1. Plumbing
  2. Electrical
  3. Gas
  4. Roofing
  5. Bathroom renovations

Getting a page 1 result for a couple of these would have been great but our team has Ken Hall on Page 1 for every single market they're competing it.

State Swim saw their monthly visitors triple!

Services: SEO, Web design, CMS, Server Setup & Support

Our digital agency has managed the State Swim website for years and after we upgraded their web design and CMS, they started dominating Google's top positions.

By years end State Swim was ranking first for "swimming lessons", "kids swimming lessons" and "aquafitness".

This translated to triple the amount of traffic with Google Searches being the #1 contributor to all their leads.

UPark had twice as many online bookings

Services: SEO, Web design, CMS, Server Setup & Support

The UPark website has used the same online booking system for years now. So when it came time to redesign their site, we were asked to help increase bookings without replacing the system. The only thing we were allowed to do was change the look of the platform.

Our web designers did a pretty solid job of this and our SEO team structured their new website so that whenever you typed in "car park near... (place)", you'd see the UPark website pop up.

The result was an increase of web traffic by 30% and double the number of bookings.

Other notable projects

We completed a huge amount of work last year and really appreciate all of our client's support over the past twelve months. Below we have included two other projects which we'd love everyone to have a look at.

SAHMRI: Web App - We Can Do This

Services: Web design, Web App Development


The We Can Do This web app was an 18-month project which delivers online resources to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who need help recovering from ice addictions.

Presenting Beautiful Homes: New website

Services: Web design, CMS, Server Setup & Support


This was one of our smaller projects from last year but we love it. It's a perfect example of how you can make a beautiful website which ranks really well in Google.

Are you after a successful 2020?

With a bigger digital team than ever before, we're now in a better position than ever to help your company build a better website.

If you're keen to book in for an upgrade, we'd love to hear from you.

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