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Our Top 5 Websites for Free Stock Images


Everypixel is like a search engine for stock photos. That means it scans all the big stock photo websites and pulls up the best images for you to pick from.

It lists both free and paid photos and has a range of filters to help you find what you're looking for.


If you're quickly throwing together a design mock and don't have time to carefully select an image, Unsplash is our favourite website for free images which "just work".

Their selection is carefully curated and the licensing on most images is very generous (free for commercial use with voluntary attribution).


Whilst the selection of free images on Shutterstock is small, it's pricing is very competitive and includes videos as well as photos.

For most of our web design work, Shutterstock is the first point of call and is well worth checking out if you haven't used it before.


If you're looking for a free source of high quality videos and photos, Pexels have a great selection which is worth a look.

Their filter options are simple (Photos, Videos and Users) and they supplement their listings with clearly defined additional content from Shutterstock (listed above).

For us, this makes Pexels a perfect place to start your photo selection process whenever you're trying to do more with a tighter website design budget.


Given most people's experience with Flickr was probably from ten years ago, it might seem suprising that we've included it here.

However, it's worth keeping in mind whenever you're looking for photos which are specific to a certain location.

As we're often looking for images of Adelaide that we can use on our client's websites, Flickr's become one of the best sources to find royalty free images that fit the brief.