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The easiest way to write quality blog content

Where do you write your blog posts? Straight into your CMS software?

Well, maybe you should take a look at Grammarly.

Grammarly is a tool which helps authors proof their content as they write.

With Google now caring more about the "quality" of the content on our websites, making use of tools like Grammarly is well worth giving some thought.

Grammarly in action

I've taken to using Grammarly as a place I can first scratch out my articles. Its' simple design and immediate feedback are perfect for a writer like me who is slightly prone to the odd typo.

Grammarly also has a heap of other integration options if you're preference is to write inside another tool. All you need to do is install their Google Chrome extension and you're good to go.

Regardless of where you write your content, the most important thing is to make sure the content you're publishing is considered to be high quality by Google. This means keeping on top of your grammar and when it comes to grammar, it's hard to go past Grammarly.