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Outdoors On Parade

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Outdoors on Parade is an eCommerce website which includes a wide range of features including:

Cooking classes

Book a cooking class online. Includes some of Adelaide's best restaurants (Press, Magill Estate, Chianti and more)

Homewares Catalog

Outdoors has an incredible homewares range with everything from "Wooden Salt Pigs" to Hand Forged Copper Cheese Knifes

Gift Registry

Start an online gift registry and let your friends buy you something nice.

Interior Design Services

If it's too hard to choose which throw goes with which cushions, just ask Oodle to help. She's the Outdoors on Parade interior designer and can really bring your home to life.

The Techie Stuff

Whilst the Outdoors on Parade site has always been bold and fun, under the hood things get pretty serious.

It's loaded with:

  1. A Magento CMS core providing a full e-commerce experience
  2. Site wide product searching
  3. Members area with order management
  4. Wish lists
  5. Emails subscription management
  6. Configurable Products
  7. Inventory Control
  8. Multiple Payment Gateways
  9. Site wide discounts
  10. Discount codes
  11. Hundreds of potential postage configurations
  12. ...and the list goes on.
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